Heat Exchanger Design

We consult in the fields of Chemical & Mechanical engineering. We depend greatly on our software that has been developed in-house over the last 45 years. The design methods compare well with leading heat exchanger manufacturers. We have experience with the thermal design of the following types of heat exchange equipment:
Shell & Tube
The software used is named PCHEAT. It has a long and sucessful history. It is the first software developed for the thermal design of this type of heat exchanger. It is estimated that over 100,000 exchangers have been designed with this software. Manufacturing practices and tolorances are built into the program. Expert system software is positioned before and after the calculation section.
Development was started in the 60's and the software has been continually improved. The software name is AIR. Exchangers from the smallest packaged units to the large multi-service process coolers are designed. Condensing services can be designed for any combination of desuperheating, condensing and subcooling.
  Double Pipe/Multi-Tube
The software used is named DPIPE. Any fin configeration can be designed. The fins can be cut and twisted.
Waste Heat & Heat Recovery Boiler Systems
The software mostly used is named FUGAS. Both process exchangers and water-tube trains from gas turbines are designed. The tubes can be either bare, solid or segmented.
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